David Grief is supported by Chambers Lab

The Team

David Grief is supported by Chambers Lab, a legal innovation start-up focused on helping lawyers practice better. Lee Ji En and Adeline Chin of Chambers Lab complement David's decades of experience with their innovative strategies in legal business development. They also support DGIC on operational and technological matters, so that DGIC's clients can leverage on an all-rounded team to achieve greater results.

Although Chambers Lab is a separate business entity, both Ji En and Adeline are considered very much part of the DGIC team and can be contacted, when in relation to DGIC matters, by emailing: team@davidgrief.com

Lee Ji En

Prior to starting Chambers Lab, Ji En used to practice law in a global law firm in Singapore. He is experienced in both civil and criminal dispute resolution, as well as international arbitration.

Ji En has been actively involved in the legal tech and legal innovation space for the past 7 years. He is Malaysian, and speaks English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese and Hokkien. He read law at the Naitonal University of Singapore on the ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship. These credentials and his wider involvement with Chambers Lab, which he founded, makes Ji En the perfect complement to David in terms of skillsets.

Adeline Chin

Adeline Chin is a Knowledge Management (“KM”) professional specialising in the legal profession and a legal technology evangelist.

Adeline came from a diverse professional background of sales & product management as well as event hosting & organisation before joining the legal industry in the field of knowledge management. She is also experienced in developing programmes tailored to complement traditional training of practical skills required by legal professionals and this is very much of value to David in terms of his mentoring role. She is a law graduate from the University of London, and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Sydney Business School.