David Grief

The Law’s Middleman

Making connections and developing practices with lawyers all around the world.

David connected

an in-house counsel from a Japanese MNC
with local lawyers in Philippines

the former attorney-general of a South Asian country
with lawyers in Kuala Lumpur

a Malaysian law firm
with lawyers in an Eastern European country

a Singaporean law firm
with an English QC in a high value family law dispute

a Southeast Asian government
with an English QC


Connecting lawyers with lawyers

I am an expert in connecting the right lawyer with the right case.

With my decades of experience as the Senior Clerk managing a leading barristers' chambers in England, I can identify the right mix of skillsets and personalities required in building successful legal teams for all sorts of disputes. I have also developed a global network of lawyers and other professional advisers. These are not just contacts identified by desk research; these are proven professional relationships which have been curated over time.

I also work with lawyers on both their personal and professional development.